Cheech Marin Talks Weed Beverage Cheeche’Lada At The OG Cannabis Cafe

Mar 1, 2024 | Lindsey Bartlett

Cheech Marin is as consistent as a cannabis legend can be.

His weed lore dates back to when it was riskier to be a consumer. Marin’s weird and hilarious flavor of stoner slapstick comedy alongside Tommy Chong has forever imprinted the Cheech and Chong names into the history books.

Taking normalizing to new heights yet again, Cheech Marin celebrated his weed beverage Cheeche’lada created with Blaze Mota at the OG Cannabis Cafe in West Hollywood. Fans wrapped around the block of the storied OG Cannabis Cafe on La Brea Avenue (once called the Lowel Cannabis Cafe and then the OG Cannabis Cafe) to get a taste of the cannabis beverage.

Cheech Marin talks cannabis at the OG Cannabis Cafe's Cheeche'lada activation in West Hollywood.

Low riders were parked out front. One baby blue vintage car had a vanity plate that read “Mry Jain.” The restaurant was hopping with excitement as crowds of consumers ate, smoked weed, and waited for Marin to arrive. The Cheeche’ladas were flowing—and for guests who spent $35, the drink was on the house. They paired well with the restaurant’s Turkey Tacos ($19), Carne Asada Tacos ($18), or Vegan Tacos ($22), a fan favorite on Taco Tuesday.

Once Cheech was on the scene, it was pure elation and chaos mixed with bright camera flashes on the restaurant’s weed-friendly patio. Marin hasn’t aged a day. Weed might be the reason. When asked if he enjoys joints or blunts, Marin says he prefers joints for his health. At the age of 77, the legend is as childlike and hilarious as ever.

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