Six weed dates pot-loving couples won’t want to pass up


Lots of cannabis lovers are perfectly content hitting the bong and cozying up for a movie night or board game. Others want to get out and about post-sesh. For couples that share an affinity for pot, weed dates are an obvious choice.

That’s not to say that bringing weed on a date is always the right move, especially if you’re getting behind the wheel. But a plant-forward adventure could be a wonderful experience if you and your beloved know your limits and have a rideshare waiting.

From dinners paired with pot to winning cheesy prizes at a classic carnival, these weed dates are sure to inspire every type of cannabis couple.

Side view of a woman with hat smoking joint in marijuana farm at sunset.

Picnic with a view

One of the great joys in life is a basket filled with your favorite foods, especially after you’ve been toking. Pack up some tasty meat, cheese, fruit, crackers, or whatever munchies you desire, and set off with your main squeeze to a romantic and epic viewpoint. Scenery paired with snacks makes for an especially lovely sesh.

Consumption-friendly meals

If you’re craving more than charcuterie, perhaps a full meal is in order. Infused dinners are becoming more and more popular, with private pop-ups happening across the country. 

Weed-friendly restaurants are also on the rise, including the recently reopened OG Cannabis Cafe in Los Angeles. Just make sure to know your dose so you don’t end the night on an overly high note.

Marijuana at the museum

Cannabis often expands creativity and consciousness. What better place to lean into this benefit than a museum? Spark conversation with your partner by taking in art or learning more about a local landmark. There are even weed-centric museums that celebrate everything the plant has to offer—talk about a perfect date night pick.

Canna-infused carnivals

Roller coasters and carnival games aren’t just for kids (think about the vitriol child-free Disney adults face). Amusement parks and fairs are fantastic places to spend a stoned afternoon, and the lights that emerge after dark create a trippy yet whimsical environment for you and your love. 

Consider taking edibles and leaving the vape pens at home since many theme parks ban cannabis. Just remember to go easy on the THC since seas of people may instill a touch of anxiety.

420 fueled concerts

Pot and music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Seeing a live performance high is even more incredible, with the additions of psychedelic light shows and high-energy crowds creating an unforgettable experience. Your favorite band on a hiatus from touring? Try your luck at the local venue—you’ll be supporting the community and may even discover a new go-to.

Puff ‘n paint

Consumption lounges and sesh-friendly event venues are working to attract the plant-based demo. Many are offering activity nights, from DIY pipe making to puff ‘n paint. These fun-filled evenings marry your favorite pastimes and help weed-loving couples to connect.

Partners that share a penchant for pot have plenty of options for plant-friendly dates. The next time you and your beloved light up, remember there’s a whole world of adventure waiting.

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